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Problematic Porcupines and Elephantine Issues

I’ve never yet seen an elephant in the Congo rainforest, and to be honest it’s a little difficult at times to imagine that animals so large can a) hide themselves so effectively or b) even fit at all in amongst the dense mess of trees and brush and leaves that make up the forest’s ground … Continue reading

Challenging RISK: PhD Studentship available for UK/EEA Applicants

We’re currently advertising an exciting position for upcoming work with the Challenging RISK project (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/excites/projects/excites-projects/ucl-challenging-risk/challenging-risk) which will be an interdisicplinary study involving Citizen Scientists, Earthquake Engineers, Fire Engineers and Psychologists. If you’re a UK/EEA citizen and are interested, please apply to the post on FindAPhD.com (http://www.findaphd.com/search/projectDetails.aspx?PJID=55645). 

DANGEROUS ICE, Barrow Alaska

As part of my research into the use of ICT for adaptation to climate change in the Arctic, I had set about to interview the hunters and residents of Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska about the recent shorefast ice break-off  event which nearly took the lives of a whaling crew that drifted away on an ice floe: “There were … Continue reading

Sapelli in Space

As in last year, twenty mobile app developers gathered for the Space App Camp in European’s Space Agency (ESA) main campus at Noordwijk, Netherlands, to come up with creative ideas. The participants in this years’ app camp were grouped into teams of four and their goal was to integrate Earth observation data gathered by the … Continue reading

Geographic Information Science Research UK 2014 Annual Conference (Glasgow)

Though I’ve attended GISRUK in the past, this was my first year presenting, so I was quite excited/nervous for GISRUK 2014. Initially, there was a little resistance to accepting my paper, as the focus is on how various prominent interdisciplinary projects are utilising GIS, which was initially viewed as not having enough focus on GIS … Continue reading

CRI Workshop on Teaching through Research

I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend the Centre Researches Interdisciplinaries (CRI) Workshop on Teaching through Research with additional funding from ExCiteS to allow me to do so. For those who may be unfamiliar with my research, I’m interested in teaching Map Making Concepts to graduate researchers interested in using it in Interdisciplinary … Continue reading

The Conservation Volunteers Share their Impacts

The Volunteering Impacts Conference 2014 marked the release of The Conservation Volunteers’ (TCV) latest report on its ‘Volunteering Impacts’, in the beautiful surroundings of Waterlow Park (London). For me the day captured the true essence of TCV’s work that I have grown to know so well over the years, bringing people together to share the … Continue reading

Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014: Day 1 – Policy and Citizen Science

On the first day of Citizen Cyberscience Summit the Policy and Citizen Science session some of the noteworthy talks discussed the role of citizen science in policy making, new subjective approaches to impact measurement as well as the importance of feedback and value of data collected. For me, the session not only highlighted the importance … Continue reading

Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014: Day 3 – DIY Citizen Science

The session this morning on DIY Citizen Science brought together speakers talking about creators and makers thinking about how to use objects for unintended purposes to achieve something more. The message I gathered is that it’s not just about the “toys”, but what is truly possible with them – empowering people to collect information that … Continue reading

Setting the Scene – Some Citizen Cyberscience Summit Day 1 Highlights

The three day Citizen Cyberscience Summit, which UCL ExCiteS is co-organising alongside the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, Citizen Cyberlab and the Mobile Collective, kicked off to an action-packed start yesterday at the Royal Geographic Society in London. Over the course of the first day (the most academic of the three) almost 40 talks were delivered by … Continue reading

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