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Reflections on the Participation Paradigm

When researching the literature on participation and participatory exercises, a quote by Redclift on ‘sustainable development’ comes to mind: “Like motherhood, and God, it is difficult not to approve of it” (Redclift, 1993, p.3). Participation is cited with many benefits, such as empowerment (Irwin, 1995; Brulle & Pellow, 2006), increasing legitimacy of decisions (European Commission, … Continue reading

Public Participation in Scientific Research 2012, Portland. Summary and reflections.

Conference on Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR2012) . The PPSR conference held in Portland, Oregon, USA the 4th and 5th August 2012 has been a great opportunity to meet a broad range of projects approaches and initiatives in the field. The plenary session the poster session and the workshop allowed a very broad exchange of projects and experiences. … Continue reading

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