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Negligence in Science. Manslaughter. L’Aquila 2012.

The conviction of six Italian scientists, members of the Commission of High Risk, of criminal manslaughter for providing ‘inexact, incomplete and contradictory information’ few days prior to a deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake in 2009, has alarmed the scientific community for all the wrong reasons. Instead of taking a step back to reflect on our role as scientists … Continue reading

Designing for Scientific Literacy

Learning for scientific literacy It is frequently suggested that participation in citizen science projects benefits citizens by giving them a scientific education (Pattengill-Semmens & Pattengill, 2003; Raddick, 2008), or improves scientific literacy (Bonney et al., 2009). Trumbell et al. (2000: 265) noted that participants in citizen science projects “had engaged in thinking processes similar to … Continue reading

Exploring the Political Agency of Mapping and Maps

What is being being mapped and to what ends? – CHRISTIAN NOLD 21 September 2012 Abstract: The presentation discusses Christian’s PhD case study which involves a process of following an engineering focused, noise mapping project funded by the EU. The case study is used to identify the entanglement between subjective experience & devices and power … Continue reading

Electromagnetic Field 2012

Four of us from the ExCiteS group – an anthropologist (Elles), designer (Christian), human geographer (Cindy), and a computer scientist (Matthias) – made our way to the Electromagnetic Field 2012 (EMF), which took place in Milton Keynes (Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September 2012). Dubbed “geek camp” by the BBC, EMF is a get-together of DIY enthusiasts, makers, hackers and the like, organised by volunteers … Continue reading

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