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Participatory Mapping in Congo-Brazzaville (Part 2): Usability experiments

Towards the last part of our field trip in Republic of the Congo and after eliminating most of the platform bugs and the decision tree became stable, we introduced the users to more structured usability tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the bespoke mobile application. The tests were composed of multiple tasks of different level … Continue reading

Reflections on the NOMAD workshop

Last month, the NOMAD team organised a workshop at the French Space Agency (CNES) headquarters. The aim was to link humanitarian organisations interested in using data collection tools for their field work with solution providers. My colleague Michalis and I presented our ExCiteS Data Collection tool (which is in advanced prototype) and get valuable feedback from … Continue reading

Participatory Mapping in Congo-Brazzaville (Part 1)

Over six weeks from the end of March to the start of May 2013, five ExCiteS members – Julia Altenbuchner, Gill Conquest, Jerome Lewis, Matthias Stevens & Michalis Vitos – travelled to the Republic of the Congo, a.k.a. Congo-Brazzaville. We spent the majority of this time in or near the rainforest of the Sangha and Likouala regions, in … Continue reading

Breathe More… Live More

As in last year, the European Space Agency (ESA) organised an App Developer Camp from 2-10 June. Twenty mobile app developers gathered in ESA’s main campus at Frascati, Rome to come up with innovative ideas on how to use Earth observation data to everyday life applications. This year’s app themes included Land-monitoring using GIO Land, Discovering Climate Change with … Continue reading

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