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NightScience Conference/Hackathon

“WHAT’S THE USE OF STORIES THAT AREN’T EVEN TRUE?” Haroun and the Sea of Stories (p.22) In Salman Rushdie’s fairy tale a little boy named Haroun travels to the moon to find a cure for his father’s loss of capacity to tell stories. In his fantastic journey Haroun discovers that stories come from the great … Continue reading

On more -diversity on the agenda for Cultural Ecosystem Services research and practice. A personal take on the cultural ecosystem services conference in Exeter (1-2 July 2013).

The conference on Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in Exeter (1-2 July) was a very interesting event brilliantly managed and organized by Dr Robert Fish and Prof Michael Winter from the Politics department of the University of Exeter and by Prof Andrew Church from the University of Brighton and nicely supported by the ecosystem services knowledge network, … Continue reading

RE: I had an Arduino evening | A conversation about DIY

Subject: I had an Arduino evening From: Asako To: Cindy Cindy! Hooray, my Arduino did the blinking!! and the light turned on when button is pressed! and it turned on when the button is NOT pressed! and it blinked very rapidly and then slowly when the button is pressed! I’m very impressed about this and … Continue reading

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