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Investigating learning in Citizen Science/1 by Dr. Laure Kloetzer

Post by Dr. Laure Kloetzer We know that public participation in scientific research (PPSR) and citizen science (CS) have become increasingly popular, thanks to technological and social changes (Haklay, 2013). Volunteers participate because they are intrinsically motivated (Rotman et al., 2012) to contribute to a scientific project by an interest in the topic, e.g. astronomy1, … Continue reading

FOSS4G 2013 and Metadata

Hardcore Geekery A while back, my supervisors suggested that I attend the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference; at first I was a bit reluctant, as I felt like I’d be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, given my background of working for proprietary software and general ‘poo-poo’-ing of open source software as … Continue reading

Using GIS in Interdisciplinary Research: Natural and Social Sciences Making the Case

It’s that time of year again – the RGS Annual Conference and Dr. Ellul and I were fortunate enough to have another session. To build off off the ideas from last year’s session, instead of looking at Interdisciplinary Research in Geography and the challenges face, we were instead curious about the challenges of using GIS … Continue reading

Motivations and Engagement in Citizen Science by Dr. Charlene Jennett

 Motivations and Engagement in Citizen Science Post by Dr. Charlene Jennett One of our goals in Citizen Cyberlab is to understand volunteers’ motivations for why they take part in citizen science projects. We hope to use this information to help us make our own citizen science projects as motivating and engaging as possible. Recently Raddick … Continue reading

Public Annotated Bibliography for Citizen Cyberlab

Access to literature and scholarly resources on citizen science, education and creativity Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci Citizen Cyberlab: an initiative which is exploring technology enhanced creative learning in the field of citizen cyberscience, is now celebrating one year of collaborative work! The collaborative effort of the project consortium is fueled by a belief in … Continue reading

Join our Citizen Cyberlab public bibliography!

Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci. Join our Mendeley Citizen Cyberlab repository of online resources on citizen science to gain access to a collection of over 500 references for books, articles, websites, and reports on citizen science, citizen science projects, and related themes such as education, learning, creativity, challenges to engagement, crowdsourcing, participatory methods, … Continue reading

From Online Papers to Tags to Word Clouds!

How does the Citizen Cyberlab annotated bibliography work? Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci Our team at Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS), as well as UCL Interaction Center (UCLIC) and University of Geneva put together the scholarly resources (journals articles, books, web pages, magazine articles, etc.) of greatest importance for our study of citizen science, … Continue reading

GPS signal in the rainforest?

“It is surprising that many Pygmy hunter-gatherers in the Congo Basin, though unable to read the numbers on banknotes or write their own names, have begun to use handheld computers attached to global positioning systems (GPS).” (Lewis, 2012) The above quotation refers to the work that Jerome Lewis started in 2005, when he established a scheme … Continue reading

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