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Extreme Citizen Science at the Chico Vive Conference

Thursday, April 10 The Chico Vive Conference was held in Washington DC between April 4-6, and it aimed at bringing together grassroots activists, NGOs, students, engaged scholars, applied scientists, policy makers, journalists and others to discuss the development of the global grassroots environmental movement in the 25 years since environmental activist Chico Mendes’s death. Chico Mendes … Continue reading

CRI Workshop on Teaching through Research

I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend the Centre Researches Interdisciplinaries (CRI) Workshop on Teaching through Research with additional funding from ExCiteS to allow me to do so. For those who may be unfamiliar with my research, I’m interested in teaching Map Making Concepts to graduate researchers interested in using it in Interdisciplinary … Continue reading

The Conservation Volunteers Share their Impacts

The Volunteering Impacts Conference 2014 marked the release of The Conservation Volunteers’ (TCV) latest report on its ‘Volunteering Impacts’, in the beautiful surroundings of Waterlow Park (London). For me the day captured the true essence of TCV’s work that I have grown to know so well over the years, bringing people together to share the … Continue reading

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