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Designing for Scientific Literacy

Learning for scientific literacy It is frequently suggested that participation in citizen science projects benefits citizens by giving them a scientific education (Pattengill-Semmens & Pattengill, 2003; Raddick, 2008), or improves scientific literacy (Bonney et al., 2009). Trumbell et al. (2000: 265) noted that participants in citizen science projects “had engaged in thinking processes similar to … Continue reading

Electromagnetic Field 2012

Four of us from the ExCiteS group – an anthropologist (Elles), designer (Christian), human geographer (Cindy), and a computer scientist (Matthias) – made our way to the Electromagnetic Field 2012 (EMF), which took place in Milton Keynes (Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September 2012). Dubbed “geek camp” by the BBC, EMF is a get-together of DIY enthusiasts, makers, hackers and the like, organised by volunteers … Continue reading

Reflections on the Participation Paradigm

When researching the literature on participation and participatory exercises, a quote by Redclift on ‘sustainable development’ comes to mind: “Like motherhood, and God, it is difficult not to approve of it” (Redclift, 1993, p.3). Participation is cited with many benefits, such as empowerment (Irwin, 1995; Brulle & Pellow, 2006), increasing legitimacy of decisions (European Commission, … Continue reading

For the love of it

Last year I gave up a paid part-time job to have more time for volunteer activities. This does not make economic sense, and it did make my life more difficult in certain ways, but it made personal sense. My case is far from unusual. There are millions, perhaps billions of people that engage in volunteerism … Continue reading

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