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­In Memory of Gill Conquest

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Gill Conquest on May 5, 2017. Gill was an exceptional researcher and an exceptional person. Her interests were broad-ranging, extending well beyond the academic through performances of traditional stories and pantomimes, to writing plays and science fiction, sailing and playing games, and to music … Continue reading

Introducing “Doing It Together Science” – an EU citizen science project

The European Commission through its Horizon 2020 programme, with support from the Swiss confederation, have committed almost €4m to a three-year project to increase public participation in scientific research and innovation across Europe. The 11-partner project, co-ordinated by UCL Extreme Citizen Science group, aims to build the institutional and policy foundations for sustained deep public … Continue reading

New project: WeGovNow! – citizen engagement in local government

Today, we’re starting a new research project, in which we will work closely with our social enterprise ‘Mapping for Change‘. The project, which is coordinated by the German company Empirica, is called ‘WeGovNow!’ and it is focused on civic participation in local government. Here is the abstract: WeGovNow will tap into emerging technologies for effectively … Continue reading

Stories from the Field – Forest Monitoring in the Congo Basin

Together with Moabi (http://rdc.moabi.org/) we are running an evening event on the 23rd June about new tools and approaches to forest monitoring in the Congo Basin rainforests. We look forward to a lively discussion! More details are here http://rdc.moabi.org/stories-from-the-field/en/

Extreme Citizen Science in Qualitative Inquiry 2.0 paper

A new paper by Uwe Flick, which is based on keynote address at the 10th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (May 2014, Urbana–Champaign). The paper, titled ‘Qualitative Inquiry—2.0 at 20?: Developments, Trends, and Challenges for the Politics of Research’ appeared in Qualitative Inquiry. The abstract of the paper provide an overview of the field over 20 years: After 20 … Continue reading

VGI and indigenous knowledge – COST Energic Video

Our work with groups in the Congo-basin is now appearing in a video that was produced by the European Network exploring Research into Geographic Information Crowdsourcing (COST ENERGIC)

Truthloader discussion on citizen science

Truthloader is a YouTube show bringing investigative and citizen journalism, and on 19th March it carried out a discussion (using Google Hangouts) of citizen science, in which Cindy Regalado and Muki Haklay participated. The discussion is about 30 minutes long

Our launch – 16th February at the Royal Geographical Society

The London Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2012 Science should not be just for scientists. An increasingly wired world is helping to bring this concept to reality. But it is important not to be complacent about this process. Even with the strides made in the last ten years, key participant groups and environments remain inaccessible. reaching them … Continue reading

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