Civil engineering postgraduate student from University College London. Background in environmental and aquatic sciences as well as media and journalism.
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Citizen Science PhD secondment opportunity, working with UCL’s Extreme Citizen Science Group and EarthWatch (UK students)

Have you ever wondered how citizen science projects are created? Do you want to learn how to engage the UK public with issues of environmental concern? We’re offering three-month paid secondment opportunities, working with the Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) group at the University College London (UCL) and EarthWatch in Oxford, to learn about citizen science … Continue reading

Working for wellbeing of people and place: Celebrating active conservation volunteering

Last weekend I was fortunate to receive an invitation to speak at the Burrenbeo Trust’s first ever ‘Working for wellbeing of people and place’ conference held in the beautiful Burren in Co. Clare (Ireland). The event was enthused and motivated by all those who attended who came together to celebrate conservation volunteering and community participation. … Continue reading

British Ecological Society and Société Française d’Écologie Joint Annual Meeting 2014: An Overview

This year marked the first ever joint annual meeting between British Ecological Society and Société Française d’Écologie held in Lille (France) which featured an interesting array of speakers from a wide spectrum of specialist areas in ecology. The programme included a collection of sessions, symposiums, lunchtime workshops, poster sessions and special interest group meetings which … Continue reading

Complex Systems: YRNCS Workshop 2014

This September the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems (YRNCS) held their first workshop in Lucca (Italy) which featured a wide array of research disciplines, ‘self-organised’ by the YRNCS Committee, as well as those early Post Docs, masters and PhD students that attended. From climate change to human economics, a series of tutorials, participatory projects … Continue reading

The Conservation Volunteers Share their Impacts

The Volunteering Impacts Conference 2014 marked the release of The Conservation Volunteers’ (TCV) latest report on its ‘Volunteering Impacts’, in the beautiful surroundings of Waterlow Park (London). For me the day captured the true essence of TCV’s work that I have grown to know so well over the years, bringing people together to share the … Continue reading

Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014: Day 1 – Policy and Citizen Science

On the first day of Citizen Cyberscience Summit the Policy and Citizen Science session some of the noteworthy talks discussed the role of citizen science in policy making, new subjective approaches to impact measurement as well as the importance of feedback and value of data collected. For me, the session not only highlighted the importance … Continue reading

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