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Landing in the Brazilian Amazon – news from Acre, Brazil

On this first trip to the Brazilian Amazon I am bringing as a piece of luggage ExCiteS’s theory, methodologies and tools to present to indigenous communities and representatives, as well as to their potential governmental and non-governmental partners. At this stage, the idea is to showour research group’s work to relevant stakeholders and to hear … Continue reading

NightScience Conference/Hackathon

“WHAT’S THE USE OF STORIES THAT AREN’T EVEN TRUE?” Haroun and the Sea of Stories (p.22) In Salman Rushdie’s fairy tale a little boy named Haroun travels to the moon to find a cure for his father’s loss of capacity to tell stories. In his fantastic journey Haroun discovers that stories come from the great … Continue reading

Quake Catcher in SE Asia – Hsin-Yen Chen

Thursday 16th February Speaker: Hsin-Yen Chen Theme: Citizen cyberscience around the world Website: http://qcn.stanford.edu Taiwan is located on the convergent plate boundary zone between Eurasia and the Philippine Sea plates.  After 921 earthquake, people started to pay attention to risks that caused by earthquakes.  ASGC is conducting e-science for earthquake disaster mitigation. One of the … Continue reading

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