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Investigating learning in Citizen Science/1 by Dr. Laure Kloetzer

Post by Dr. Laure Kloetzer We know that public participation in scientific research (PPSR) and citizen science (CS) have become increasingly popular, thanks to technological and social changes (Haklay, 2013). Volunteers participate because they are intrinsically motivated (Rotman et al., 2012) to contribute to a scientific project by an interest in the topic, e.g. astronomy1, … Continue reading

Join our Citizen Cyberlab public bibliography!

Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci. Join our Mendeley Citizen Cyberlab repository of online resources on citizen science to gain access to a collection of over 500 references for books, articles, websites, and reports on citizen science, citizen science projects, and related themes such as education, learning, creativity, challenges to engagement, crowdsourcing, participatory methods, … Continue reading

NightScience Conference/Hackathon

“WHAT’S THE USE OF STORIES THAT AREN’T EVEN TRUE?” Haroun and the Sea of Stories (p.22) In Salman Rushdie’s fairy tale a little boy named Haroun travels to the moon to find a cure for his father’s loss of capacity to tell stories. In his fantastic journey Haroun discovers that stories come from the great … Continue reading

Designing for Scientific Literacy

Learning for scientific literacy It is frequently suggested that participation in citizen science projects benefits citizens by giving them a scientific education (Pattengill-Semmens & Pattengill, 2003; Raddick, 2008), or improves scientific literacy (Bonney et al., 2009). Trumbell et al. (2000: 265) noted that participants in citizen science projects “had engaged in thinking processes similar to … Continue reading

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