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“A different perspective” in the Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) online magazine

The following piece was written for the GiGLer, the newsletter of Greenspace information for Greater London (GiGL).  In this (very) short piece, I’m explaining the approach that we use at ExCiteS to understand ecology, environmental volunteering and what knowledge we can extract by using environmental data collected by citizens. Thanks to the data collections provided by GiGL, … Continue reading

The Conservation Volunteers Share their Impacts

The Volunteering Impacts Conference 2014 marked the release of The Conservation Volunteers’ (TCV) latest report on its ‘Volunteering Impacts’, in the beautiful surroundings of Waterlow Park (London). For me the day captured the true essence of TCV’s work that I have grown to know so well over the years, bringing people together to share the … Continue reading

Investigating learning in Citizen Science/1 by Dr. Laure Kloetzer

Post by Dr. Laure Kloetzer We know that public participation in scientific research (PPSR) and citizen science (CS) have become increasingly popular, thanks to technological and social changes (Haklay, 2013). Volunteers participate because they are intrinsically motivated (Rotman et al., 2012) to contribute to a scientific project by an interest in the topic, e.g. astronomy1, … Continue reading

Motivations and Engagement in Citizen Science by Dr. Charlene Jennett

 Motivations and Engagement in Citizen Science Post by Dr. Charlene Jennett One of our goals in Citizen Cyberlab is to understand volunteers’ motivations for why they take part in citizen science projects. We hope to use this information to help us make our own citizen science projects as motivating and engaging as possible. Recently Raddick … Continue reading

Join our Citizen Cyberlab public bibliography!

Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci. Join our Mendeley Citizen Cyberlab repository of online resources on citizen science to gain access to a collection of over 500 references for books, articles, websites, and reports on citizen science, citizen science projects, and related themes such as education, learning, creativity, challenges to engagement, crowdsourcing, participatory methods, … Continue reading

RE: I had an Arduino evening | A conversation about the meaning of DIY

Subject: I had an Arduino evening From: Asako To: Cindy Cindy! Hooray, my Arduino did the blinking!! and the light turned on when button is pressed! and it turned on when the button is NOT pressed! and it blinked very rapidly and then slowly when the button is pressed! I’m very impressed about this and proud! It was … Continue reading

On more -diversity on the agenda for Cultural Ecosystem Services research and practice. A personal take on the cultural ecosystem services conference in Exeter (1-2 July 2013).

The conference on Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in Exeter (1-2 July) was a very interesting event brilliantly managed and organized by Dr Robert Fish and Prof Michael Winter from the Politics department of the University of Exeter and by Prof Andrew Church from the University of Brighton and nicely supported by the ecosystem services knowledge network, … Continue reading

Being a citizen scientist – Darlene Cavalier

Friday 18th February Speaker: Darlene Cavalier Theme: The citizens of citizen science Website: http://www.sciencecheerleader.com and scistarter.com This session is one of three dedicated to the people! The citizens who make things happen like Darlene Cavalier. Darlene Cavalier is founder of several citizen science websites. The science cheerleader, one of her websites aims at raising interest … Continue reading

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