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Learning DIY glow-worm making

“Learning by teaching”, a reflection on running a DIY Arduino glow-worm-making workshop. Continue reading


Training with the Moabi project and partners, DRC

Having returned to Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for one night before departing for the forest tomorrow, I thought I’d take the opportunity of having a brief window of Internet access to blog a bit about what I’m doing out in the proverbial “heart of darkness” and how it’s all going. … Continue reading

On more -diversity on the agenda for Cultural Ecosystem Services research and practice. A personal take on the cultural ecosystem services conference in Exeter (1-2 July 2013).

The conference on Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in Exeter (1-2 July) was a very interesting event brilliantly managed and organized by Dr Robert Fish and Prof Michael Winter from the Politics department of the University of Exeter and by Prof Andrew Church from the University of Brighton and nicely supported by the ecosystem services knowledge network, … Continue reading

Citizen Cyberlab starts officially: the journey begins

This past 12 and 13 of November marked the beginning of a 3 year journey into the consolidation of the Citizen Cyberlab, an FP7-ICT-funded initiative. Members of the Citizen Cyberlab consortium met to kick-off their project “Citizen Cyberlab: Technology enhanced creative learning in the field of citizen cyberscience“. With members from Université  Paris Descartes (UPD), … Continue reading

Electromagnetic Field 2012

Four of us from the ExCiteS group – an anthropologist (Elles), designer (Christian), human geographer (Cindy), and a computer scientist (Matthias) – made our way to the Electromagnetic Field 2012 (EMF), which took place in Milton Keynes (Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September 2012). Dubbed “geek camp” by the BBC, EMF is a get-together of DIY enthusiasts, makers, hackers and the like, organised by volunteers … Continue reading

DIY techniques in practice: building an Air Quality Egg

Building an Air Quality Egg is a rewarding experience for non-experts The Air Quality Egg is a community project that aims to produce an open air quality sensor network (an introductory video is available on Kickstarter). The Internet of Things is network of entrepreneurs, designers, artists and students who take a look at “urban infrastructure, … Continue reading

The London Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2012: summary

The London Citizen Cyberscience Summit attracted more than 170 people to learn, engage, discuss, and network with people from a wide range of disciplines, interests and walks of life and we got to  and roll up their sleeves experience the  sense of mastery and empowerment in the DIY workshops. This page is a resource with … Continue reading

Thermal image experiments at London citizen cyberscience summit 2012

Saturday 18th February Topic: Workshop (Thermal Flashllight) Website: http://publiclaboratory.org/tool/thermal-photography During the London citizen cyberscience summit, there was a workshop about thermal flashlight by Shannon and Sara. We made a great thermal sensor using an Arduido kit, a circuit board, a thermometer, a RDB LED, resistors, a capacitor, a battery, and lots of wires. I’m not good … Continue reading

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